Talia Jacqueline was just 22 years old when she learned the most valuable lesson in business: Your value cannot be realized until you learn how to communicate it. A year earlier, at the age of 21, Talia started her own trauma therapy practice. It wasn't gaining much traction. Just calling herself a "personal coach" or "consultant" wasn't going anywhere.

But after studying communication and business psychology, Talia realized that titles and labels put you into a box. To truly stand out, your message must be communicated with the right emotion, tonality and strategy.

That's how Visceral Communication was born.

Talia dived deep into the intimate connection between psychology and communication, and she has spent the last several years cementing those bonds after establishing Visceral in 2016. Working with business leaders, entrepreneurs and their most valuable team members, Talia has helped companies generate the recognition, traction and growth that they deserve.

Talia currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her partner Max and their cat, Beau. She regularly travels to Los Angeles, where she was born and raised, and to countries around the world to visit friends and family. Outside of her business ventures, you can find Talia hiking around the flat landscape of Austin -- AKA walking -- as well as painting, dancing and convincing friends to start their own businesses.

Talia is also the CIO of the BEEC, a new venture launching in 2023. The BEEC, Business Ethics and Education Commission, aims to teach companies a universal set of ethics and values that can be applied to every part of their organization. We educate, promote and leverage companies that adhere to higher standards with our BEEC seal.

Own Your Words

Visceral was established in 2016 by Talia Jacqueline to help business owners and their teams bring words to life and bring life to their companies. An expert in business psychology and communications, Talia has worked especially closely with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to create positive company cultures, increase new client relationships and put an emphasis on ownership from the bottom of the totem pole to the very top.

Focused across three proprietary programs - The CEOwner, The Ownership Team and The Intrepreneur - Visceral provides a path to success for companies of all shapes and sizes.




Why you should hire Talia at your next event

If you are looking to challenge your traditional ways of thinking about business and what it takes to grow a successful company from the inside out, hire Talia for your next speaking engagement.

Energize your team and get them thinking outside of the box with any of the following presentations:

Confident team members make confident teams

The visceral factor

Using emotion to differentiate your company from your competitors.

Couple of diverse friends communicating in cafe

Conversational Intelligence

A deep dive into “The Boomerang Effect” and the power behind great communication.

Black And White Photo Of Microphone

The Movement is the Message

Evoking powerful emotions from your prospects and clients is the key to increasing sales. A deeper understanding of “You get what you give.”

Businessman Extending His Hand for a Handshake

The Ownershift

How the best companies transfer ownership from the C-Suite to the sales floor and everywhere in between.

Business network concept.

The Neurons behind Networking

Everyone’s looking to stand out in a crowd. Learn how to rethink and re-strategize your way to more meaningful professional partnerships.

3/4 Time

Striking the Chord

Past experiences. Perceptions. Beliefs. A person’s personal history colors how they hear you. Learn how to “tune” people to listen to you. After all, what is a beautiful song if it’s played out of tune?

Man Wearing Black Suit Jacket and Pants

Getting your people to own their role as if they own the company itself.

Business People Shake Hands

The “K.L.R” game

Are you not getting the referrals you deserve? You can be known and liked … but not trusted. Change your networking strategy to be known, liked and respected. Trust is the byproduct.

Good Vibrations

Totally Tonality

People obsess over finding the right words. For their elevator pitch, for their web copy, for their brand message. The delivery is what matters. Own Your Tone.

Questions for the media

  1. How did you come to start your entrepreneurship journey at such a young age?
  2. What obstacles and resistance did you face during those early stages?
  3. For the first years of your business, you intentionally had no website or social media presence. How did you grow despite that and what was your logic and strategy?
  4. How did you start exploring the connection between psychology and communication?
  5. What is your perspective on Gen Z entrepreneurship and those who reject a more traditional path?
  6. What exactly is Visceral Communication?
  7. When and why did you shift from personal coaching clients to business clients?
  8. Narrow it down: what is the one communication skill that business owners are missing?
  9. Explain intrepreneurship to our audience and why it’s critical to a company’s success.
  10. You’ve turned over a dozen friends into entrepreneurs. Why are you such an advocate for people carving out their own path?

other media

Author of highly anticipated book,

"The CEOwner"

Coming Winter of 2023

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"Visceral and Talia have been an incredible partner for us as we’ve navigated many twists and turns as an organization. In my role as CEO, Talia has been an amazing resource as an independent sounding board on a variety of issues. She’s pushed me outside of my comfort zone to make me better as a leader, reinforced initiatives when I was on the right path and helped me navigate challenging conversations with others in a thoughtful and empathetic way. Talia has a skill of going “big picture” to see the forest through the trees while also providing specific and actionable recommendations that can be implemented in tangible ways. Talia’s the best!"

Jeff Sarti

CEO of Morton Wealth

“I’ve working with Visceral personally and professionally since 2019 and can emphatically say that I am a better leader, partner, and human because of the work we have done together. Talia has enlightened me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and supported the Morton Wealth team to be more effective and impactful within our organization. I highly recommend partnering with Visceral if you want to improve your life and business.”

Stacey McKinnon

COO of Morton Wealth

"To say Talia and Visceral changed my life would not be an exaggeration! I began working with Talia to focus on my business and implement a growth strategy at my new job. I soon learned that working with Talia was not just for my business but for my family and for my future self. She helped me to see the world in a way I had never thought about before.

Talia gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith. She empowered me to follow my dream and start my own company set in the values and systems we had worked on together. From that point, my future was finally in my own hands and with Talia to guide me, anything was possible. My relationships have blossomed, my business is thriving and the future is bright. One thing I know for sure is that without Talia, none of this would have taken place and the value of our work together is priceless…."

"Over the time of knowing Talia and working with her, I have taken witness of the prodigious level of mastery she holds for human potential work and wizard level command of altered state transformational change methods. Recommending someone work with Talia goes without saying, I can only say that if you are looking for a powerful change in your life, Talia’s skills are scores above the watermark. You will be served by her."

Wesly Feuquay, M. Ed.

Founder of Psylogia

Scott Gilmore

CEO of Ascend Tax & Business Advisors

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